BASE® rotating paddle level indicators made of die-cast aluminium, watertight, for silos and powder containers in general. The standard version has a 1″1/2 gas connection thread and a plastic paddle. On request, it is possible to have indicators with different types of fixing, construction standards for high temperatures, liquids, etc. Together with the level indicator we usually supply the adapter which allows to install our indicator on old generation sleeves with 2″1/2 thread.


The level indicator is usually used to detect the minimum and maximum level of the product contained inside the silo of the batching plant. In case of use as a maximum indicator, the alarm signal will be sent by the indicator only when the paddle is completely immersed in the product and therefore can no longer rotate. In the case of use as a minimum indicator, by modifying the electrical connections, the alarm signal will be sent when the paddle is freed from the material and can start to rotate.



Level indicators with 2,5” screw thread

Code Description Volt
BS003.101 Level indicator 50/60 Hz 24/48
BS003.111 Level indicator 50/60 Hz 110/200



Our pursuit for continuous improvement led us to provide a high quality product, well-designed and easily adaptable, with 1,5” screw thread.

Code Description Volt
BS003.102 Level indicator 50/60 Hz 24/48
BS003.112 Level indicator 50/60 Hz 110/200



Adapter that makes it possible to use the new model where the old model was already mounted.

Code Description
BS003.100 adapter from 2"1/2 a 1"1/2


  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact product dimensions
  • Versatility of use